Vulnerability assessment is an extremely crucial and proactive practice for determining the level of exposure to, and the susceptibility of, your organization toward security threats. Identification and classification of security holes in your systems and communication infrastructure occur. Strategies and solutions may be provided based on the vulnerabilities found, so that your organization is able to HARDEN its defenses by eliminating found “holes” in the security.

With automated scanning tool and exploit frameworks freely, and readily available to not only seasoned “black hat” hackers but also amateur (“script kiddies”) hackers as well. It is essential that organizations stay abreast of the latest threats and related countermeasures. Although certain industry qualifications require organizations to conduct regular automated scans, which everyone should, it has become ever increasingly clear that organizations MUST move beyond automated scanning to assess their true exposure to vulnerabilities.

External threats from focused attackers comprise more intense manual analysis and custom vulnerability research of their targets. This is why organizations choose Xerovul, as we are able to mimic these focused, targeted attacks so well.


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Onsite assessment of your total IT system.

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