External network penetration testing scans your organization’s systems and network(s) for potential security holes from the outside, using a public network such as the Internet, and gathers information and performs exploitation from outside of your network perimeter. External network penetration testing involves analyzing your organization’s publicly available information and testing your organization’s publicly accessible infrastructure, which essentially finds the holes in your perimeter defenses.

An external network penetration test will help you assess the level of damage a hacker could cause while acting from outside your network perimeter. It will also help you determine the practicality and effectiveness of your defenses against targeted attacks. It will tell you whether your current level of security would outweigh the dedication and skills of an external attacker or succumb to their challenge. You will learn system and personnel response times and coping mechanisms they have for attacks, including how much damage could be caused in the time it takes to respond. Thorough external network penetration testing plays a vital role in ensuring the security of your external network(s).


Accessing your data from anywhere.


Using various techniques, we will attempt to remotely gain unauthorized access to your IT network. All successful attempts will be documented and presented to you for further action.

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