Social engineering penetration testing will determine if your people are susceptible to being tricked into revealing information or doing an action item, such as opening an Office document sent in an email. Social engineering is an art that leverages people’s tendencies to trust. It exploits their complicity in being blissfully gullible in the approach to their work.

Trust is a truly noble human characteristic; however, in terms of organizational security, it is also a truly significant weakness because trust can be exploited. Social engineering penetration testing will manipulate individuals’ trust and attempt to influence them to ignore your organizational security policy.

Social Engineering attacks are the most serious cyber threat organizations face today. When you undergo Social Engineering Penetration Testing, you will learn how vulnerable you are to bad decisions, specifically regarding security best practices, which are normally widespread and are unaddressed on all levels of an organization. Many of your people will be easily convinced to unwittingly hand over the “keys to the kingdom.”

Social engineering attacks are the most difficult to detect and defend against. Xerovul’s social engineering penetration testing will help identify which people can be compromised and their level of susceptibility to social engineering attacks, and we are able to recommend or provide the training and inoculation exercises they should receive. Furthermore, we are able to put in place new (or adjust old) security policies to reflect the new realities of the threats that social engineering brings today.


Malicious links and the rubber ducky.


We will attempt to trick any staff member using various social engineering techniques to provide us access to your IT system. This may be done remotely or physically.

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